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Forklifts of the Americas is a wholesale company that sells all makes and models of used material handling equipment.  We specialize in narrow aisle equipment but also stock plenty of pneumatics, cushions, aerials and light construction equipment.

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narrow aisle equipment Triple Mast W/ battery and S/S
Pneumatic with side shift and fork positioners, 35,000lbs capacity
96 inch Raymond Electric Pallet Jacks
Used Electrico 5,000lbs capacity Toyota
Electric 4-wheel sit-down with 7000lb capacity. With SS&FP
Used Electric Forklift 8,000lbs Capacity Clean&Running
6,500lb Capacity Running and operating GREAT
Super Clean, Single Reach. With Low Hours
Electric Sit down with a quadruple mast. 92'lowered with a max of 264". pull push pull attachments
Running and operating
96 inch Pallet Jacks
FRESHLY PAINTED 6,500LBS capacity 4-valves no attachemt
Low Hour 4-way 60" Forks
Used Electric Sit-Down Toyota
Used Toyota Mast: 189" w/ side shift & fork positioners & battery
Mast 187" 3-Way with side shift ( S O L D )
Low Hour 4-valves with Side Shifters and Fork Positioners. Battery included ( S O L D )
Mast of 366 inches SOLD!
12,000lbs Capacity with Clamp { S O L D }
Mast of 208” With a Push-Pull & Battery Clean&Operating! ( S O L D )
2011 Single Reach with Max Height of 400inches ( S O L D )
Used Hyster Capacity 12,000lbs 72 inch Forks SOLD!
6,000lb Capacity with side shift / mast 187' ( S O L D )
2013 Hyster V30ZMU Mast : 142/279 Low hours Notes: with battery ( S O L D )
2013 Hyster V30ZMU Swing Reach Mast : 118/225” with battery ( S O L D )
Used, Quad PacersSOLD!
12,000lbs Capacity with side shift and forks ( S O L D )
Maximum height 400inch Doble Reach ( S O L D )
E.E RATED Electric Toyotas ( S O L D )
5,000 capacity With Side shift ( S O L D )
8,000LBS lift capacity LPG and with SIDE SHIFT ( S O L D )
Very Clean Units, Double reach MAX H: 320" ( S O L D )
5,000lbs capacity ( S O L D )
15,500 Capacity Cushion Forklift ( S O L D )
Single Reach-low hour 400" inches tall ( S O L D )
2015 Mitsubishi 5,000lb capacity with side shift ( S O L D )
Double Reach and Mast of 421 ( S O L D )
12,000lbs capacity With side shift and forks ( S O L D )
5,000lbs capacity with side shift & fork positioners LPG ( S O L D )
6,000 LBS capacity Carton Clamp Attachment ( S O L D )
RENTAL READY 6,500LB Capacity { S O L D }
2018 Pallet Jacks 48inch ( S O L D )
Electric 4-wheel Sit Down 6,000lbs capacity ( S O L D )
Hyster Double Reach with SIDE SHIFT { S O L D }
2 Available 12,000LBS Capacity With Paper Roll Clamp 4 valves ( S O L D )
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